SCUBA Pictures--Hawaii 2001

We were PADI certified by O'Donnel Diving and Lahaina Divers in early 2001.

See also the Diver's Alert Network and Hidden Cove SCUBA in King of Prussia PA.

Pictures from Hawaii (January 2001)

We took all of the following pictures (click on the image to see the full size version) with a cheap, disposable underwater camera (no flash), then I scanned the pictures in and built this page.

Black Rock (off Ka'anapali Beach)

Spotted Ray Spotted_Ray01.jpg Spotted_Ray02.jpg
Green Turtle (hey, it looked brown to me...) Green_Turtle01.jpg Green_Turtle02.jpg Green_Turtle03.jpg Green_Turtle04.jpg
Rainbow Fish Fish.jpg

Molokini Crater (Dive Map)

Large Manta, and in the middle shot you can see a remora hanging off the Manta's rear dorsal area Manta01.jpg Manta02.jpg Manta02.jpg
Spotted Moray eel Spotted_Moray01.jpg Spotted_Moray02.jpg Spotted_Moray03.jpg
Shark Cave (you can't really see anything, but there are 3 gray tipped sharks about 8 feet long in there) Shark-Cave01.jpg Shark-Cave02.jpg