OLD BASIC, C and "SCR" Assembly programs

Batch Files

See my Windows Shell Scripting page.

(UNIX) Shell Scripts

A trivial script to compare MD5 hashs for downloads ISOs and software.
A simple wrapper for use with GenSite.pl.

C, (& BASIC)

See Dave Navarro's Win32 console CMD Tools written in BASIC.

A tiny C program that does the same thing as the DOS pause command.
An old program that reassembles and uu-decodes binary Usenet threads saved by old mail readers such as Tin. I did not write this and I don't know who did.

Assembly "SCR" programs

WrmBoot.com and CldBoot.com (16bytes)
A Warm Boot (CTRL-ALT-DEL) and Cold Boot (same as reset switch) on a PC. Here is the C, BASIC, and debug .scr source code.

This zip file is a collection of old "scr" programs, many collected from old computer magazines. Here is a listing:

	ADDTOIT.SCR	Extend path environment variable to any length.
	ALREADY.SCR	Run programs or batch files only ONCE a day, at the first BOOT-UP.
	ANSITEST.SCR	Returns an ERRORLEVEL 0 if Ansi.sys is active, 1 if it is not.
	ANTIBOOT.SCR	Disables CTRL-ALT-DEL keyboard re-boot.
	AUTOASK.SCR	Returns the ASCII code of the character entered at the prompt.
	AUTOCAPS.SCR	Automatically turns the CAPs lock OFF when you press the shift key.
	BIGBUF.SCR	TSR to enlarge DOS's usual 15 character keyboard buffer to 127.
	BUFFER.SCR	Stuffs characters into the key buffer.
	CLDBOOT.SCR	Cold boot the PC.
	CLEARKEY.SCR	Empty the keyboard buffer
	D2H.SCR		Convert decimal numbers to hexadecimal.
	ENCRYPT.SCR	Simple file encryption (use PGP or something better instead).
	ESC.SCR		Inserts the escape character in batch files (eg. esc [10m).
	FASTKEY.SCR	Resets the keyboard repeat rate and delay rate to the fastest possible.
	FULLSCR.SCR	Script to switch DOS session to full screen in MS-Win.
	H2D.SCR		Convert hexadecimal numbers to decimal.
	ISAREADY.TXT	Detail and batch files with a utility to test if Drive a: is ready.
	ISAREADY.SCR	Utility to test if Drive a: is ready.
	KEYCODE.SCR	Returns the ASCII and scan codes for pressed keys.
	MEGSFREE.SCR	Returns an ERRORLEVEL = to the number of free megs.
	NOPRSCR.SCR	Turns OFF the prn-scr key.
	NOSOUND.SCR	Disable your PC's internal speaker.
	NOWAIT.SCR	Resets the number of re-tries BIOS makes to the printer.
	NUMLOCK.SCR	Toggles the numlock key.
	PRSCR.SCR	Turns ON the prn-scr key.
	PRTLOG.SCR	Toggle print logging of the command line.
	REBOOT.SCR	Warm boot the PC.
	RENDIR.SCR	Rename directories.
	SHIFTKEY.SCR	Change the bypass autoexec.bat key in Windows.
	SHIFTMOD.SCR	Make " , " & " . " keys "unshifted".
	WAIT.SCR	Timed pause.


Here's a very simple awk script to prepare text for inclusion into a HTML file by changing URL's in a plain-text file into into HTML links to that URL. I'm not really sure who wrote it, but I didn't.

See this zip file for some date and time related code and routines. I didn't write any of this either.