What's New
Date Page Description
2006-07-28 Obsolete Since I never got around to automating this, it's basically useless and obsolete.
2004-05-30 JP
Win Shell
Reorganized publications, updated Resume for current writing.
Added Bash (readline) Hints.
Misc. cleanup.
Added registry tweak for Windows file and directory name completion.
Added Winsock and crapware sections.
Added link to the Open Perl IDE.
2004-01-04 Perl, Source Updated GenSite version, added checkmd5sum and web.
2003-12-22 Site More general updates, fix link rot, remove obsolete material and FINALLY UPLOAD!
2003-11-30 Site More general updates, fix link rot, remove obsolete material.
2003-11-30 OnStream DI-30 Red Hat Backup mini-HOWTO Converted to simple HTML as opposed to the insane drivel that MS Word generates. Minor corrections and additions. Major updates to links since OnStream is bankrupt and gone again.
2003-11-22 Site Modified so that external links are in italics and open in a new window.
2003-11-17 Site Changed over to using CVS $Date: 2007-11-28 02:26:46 -0500 (Wed, 28 Nov 2007) $ for 'Last Modified:' field.
2003-11-12 Site General updates, fix link rot, remove obsolete material.
2003-11-10 Typical Home Network Designs NAT & Private IP Address Ranges Converted to HTML from Word.
2003-11-09 Linux Resources Removed obsolete/dead DDNS/DHCP information and links.
2003-11-07 Resume Converted to HTML from Word.
2003-11-08 Dolphin Pictures--Florida 2003 Added.
2003-11-06 JP Deck Various minor updates.
2003-11-04 About JP's Domain Major updates and re-write.
2003-11-01 What's New Begin site conversion. Added the "What's New" page.
2003-09 and 2003-10 Site Plan and re-design/re-organize.